Call Center / Customer Service Virtual Assistants

What is a call center customer service virtual assistant responsible for in the Philippines?
Customer service plays a vital role in business. Customer service call centers in the Philippines focus on customer feedback and ensure a high quality of service. Filipino virtual assistants handle incoming calls, arrange scheduled appointments, and solve customer concerns and issues. Customer dissatisfaction is a major contributor to a business’s decline, and the importance of Filipino call center customer service virtual assistants cannot be overstated. They improve business efficiency by effectively handling important but outsourceable work. With exceptional English, they address customer complaints via email and phone calls.
Why should you hire AGS for remote call center customer service in the Philippines?
Filipino offshore outsourcing has been a tremendous asset for companies worldwide. The cost savings are significant. Alliance Global Solutions (AGS) is a major player in the BPO industry, offering excellent call center customer service at a distance. With a team of qualified call center specialists, AGS can help improve your business. Its team of Filipino call center customer service virtual assistants is made up of effective communicators with excellent English. They are attentive, patient, and adept at practicing active listening when they interact with customers. Customer satisfaction is their goal, and they accomplish it by making the customer experience as pleasant and helpful as possible.
How can I hire a Filipino call center customer service virtual assistant?
Whether you need a part-time, full-time, or on-call virtual assistant, AGS has a team of qualified VAs who can help your business. Individual VAs are listed on our website along with specializations, qualifications, and more. If you need a qualified virtual assistant from a reputable BPO company in the Philippines, please contact us for rates and more information.