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Alliance global solutions

Alliance Global Solutions delivers an end-to-end customer management solution for businesses that work on a small-medium or large scale.

Our team has experience in all capacities of customer care, including sales, marketing, service, and telephony. Alliance Global Solutions also offer specialist services such as data analytics and customer profitability modeling, with a range of third-party products that can be integrated into the customer management process to provide a complete solution. If a customer-centric approach is vital to your business success, then we have the expertise to design a customized solution to assist you.

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This experience is gained through our unique business model to develop and provide the fit talent. We are a team of industry experts who combine the best of the industry with research and strategy, but most importantly, the understanding of what business clients need.

The first objective is to identify the real needs and requirements of businesses. This not only identifies your every need but also allows us to create processes that cater to your everyday workflow. It ensures that you can manage every aspect of your customer relations management from one central system.

Alliance Global Solutions provides an independent, impartial, and objective look at your business needs, to provide advice that is accurate and actionable. Over the years, we have helped numerous businesses worldwide to enhance customer experience, increase profitability and improve productivity.

The company was founded by Anthony Carbone who serves as Chairman & CEO of the Alliance Global Solutions as well as Alternative Funding Group. Anthony has over 15 years of experience in the offshoring industry, working with a variety of businesses in the USA and APAC.

Alliance is an integral partner in helping to drive positive change to help improve business operations and financial results. We focus on overcoming obstacles that hinder business performance primarily from a customer service perspective. By aligning business objectives to ensure ongoing success, they are empowering businesses to achieve higher growth and greater profitability.

We employ more than 100 consultants who work closely with our clients to deliver measurable value and growth. Our clientele base includes multinationals, governments, Fortune 500 companies, and small and medium-sized businesses from all over the world. Alliance Global Solutions has been an excellent source of helping organizations achieve their overall business objectives by not only providing highly skilled workers but also market intelligence that is of immense value to their decision-making process.

As a leading offshore partner Alliance Global Solutions assist companies in improving operational effectiveness, business effectiveness, and delivering exceptional customer service through our industry best practices research & analysis services.

We also provide the best possible technical solutions, ensuring ease of administration and integration into operational infrastructure. We work with leading businesses through our comprehensive client advisory service by providing consultancy & strategic implementation support.

The Alliance team are industry veterans with an extensive track record of delivering exceptional client services. They have had the opportunity to consult on a large variety of businesses worldwide in all industries whether it is financial services, healthcare, retail, or telecommunications.

Alliance Global Solutions provides the following client services:

Offshore Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing Needs

Alliance Global Solution professionals worked in areas that include:

  • Financials
  • Investment banking
  • Business-services
  • Healthcare
  • Telecoms
  • Government

When you need a partner with an offshore solution for your industry or you do not have enough IT resources to have your offshore team Alliance Global Solutions can help you. At times we may even assist you with a full-fledged IT department for your organization.

Alliance Global Solutions is one of the most trusted offshore consulting partners that you can ever find. We deliver precise results and we have been in this business for over a decade serving customers from all over the world.

At Alliance Global Solutions we realize that different problems call for a different approach, which is why we provide a unique service customized to meet your requirements. Our team of industry experts has extensive experience in creating offshore solutions in various industries, and they are ready to apply their knowledge and expertise to any project.

Alliance’s Experts have several years of experience working with telecoms, financial services, and government clients. They understand what it takes to ensure your success as a business owner, and we are here to assist you with the practical solutions for successful business growth.

This is not a traditional offshore consulting role. We are extremely focused on helping our clients achieve success in their businesses. After all, each of our consultants is in it for the same reasons as you are – to help businesses grow and succeed.