Remote Virtual assistants vs In-Person Assistants

Remote Virtual assistants vs In-Person Assistants

If there is one thing that is true about the job industry, it is the fact that it is constantly evolving along with new technologies that allow for the introductions of new jobs. The fast evolution of modern computers and the improvements in internet connectivity have created a world where people are able to connect with each other seamlessly in a virtual space from across continents. These online connections are not limited to just communications however. These modern technologies have opened up the avenue for new kinds of jobs and of those jobs that is also a fast-growing industry are the introductions of remote virtual assistants as part of the workforce.

Assistants handle various administrative functions in the company which frees up other people, especially you to perform other purposes in the company such as strategic planning. Of course, Alliance Global Solutions understands that you need to have a virtual assistant, that you need to have outsourcing services that you can rely on that can perform better than an in-person assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines is a completely viable and valid business decision that comes with a lot of benefits compared to hiring in-person assistants.

Hiring a remote virtual assistant means you can hire from anywhere

When you hire a remote virtual assistant in the Philippines, you don’t have to worry about the geography keeping an employee from the job. This means that you can expand the coverage of the people you can hire from beyond just your area. You don’t have to worry about how far an employee is or if they can travel to your office. Instead, the thing that will be brought into focus is an employee’s qualifications as a worker. The important things will be whether or not the candidate meets the minimum requirements to work the job or if they have the experience to be able to adapt to the needs of the job.

The best candidates are at your fingertips when you hire virtual assistants

Since the geography limitations have been removed, you can focus on hiring the most skilled workers for the position. The amount of prospective talent available to your company increases exponentially and you can start focusing on finding the virtual assistants that could provide the most value based on your company’s needs. If your company currently needs someone who is skilled at recording and maintaining databases then you can find someone with a lot of experience in the field who is also a fast worker and is able to generate results quickly. If your company is currently in need of a graphic artist or writers to produce your content then your best bet is to find people who specialize in that field from either the courses that they graduated in, the industries that they have worked in, or based on their portfolios as well. There is no need to find new people to be hired to a limited pool of workers that might not be the best candidates for the job.

You can extend your company’s reach to your customers

Since you can hire across time zones such as working with a BPO provider in the Philippines, you can enlist call center customer service that extends to beyond just the operating hours of your company during the day. You can outsource the work to a Filipino staff that can cover the graveyard shift so that your customer’s needs are always covered. It is a big opportunity to expand your reach and improve your customer service. By having a professional team that is able to focus on the needs of your customers whenever they  may need it, you can vastly improve the reputation of your company along with the relationship that you have with your customers and build a positive consumer experience.

You can reduce costs by enlisting a BPO provider

Enlisting the help of a BPO provider provides plenty of opportunities for you to focus on the daily operations of your company while also making sure that you’re getting high quality and professional services. Here at Alliance Global, we look for and train the talent that your company needs in order to succeed. Training costs that your company would normally accrue wouldn’t have to be an issue for you because it’s all handled by us, the BPO service provider. As long as you have a training system in place, this means that you can rely on the offshore team to know what your company wants, needs, and how it operates.

In-Person Assistants always have a personal touch

While remote virtual assistants will always have plenty of benefits, it can’t replace the personal touch that an in-person assistant offers. There is always the distance to factor in and it can be more challenging to communicate over long distances such as online or through calls. Finding somebody that is qualified and that you can trust in your area will always make things easier  on the communication and monitoring side. It reduces the risk of miscommunication and not being able to meet requirements.

Hiring is based on company needs

In the end, assistants will always serve some form of administrative purpose whether it be data entry and tracking, customer service, or content production. There are different advantages and disadvantages to hiring either a remote virtual assistant or an in-person virtual assistant. It will always come down to finding a solution that fits within your company’s operating budget and which kind of assistant will be able to answer your company’s needs.