Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants

Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants

When it comes to the success of a company, especially one where customers regularly access products or services, proper customer servicing plays an integral role. Whether it’s for the reason of commending a company or for sending complaints, customers will eventually want to make contact. This interaction can make or break the relationship a company has with its customers. If it is a positive interaction, then the customer will continue to access the products and services that the company has to offer. If it is a negative interaction, however, then the company could potentially lose their customer as well. 

Additionally, if a customer receives great customer service where they feel like that the company prioritizes and cares about their consumers, this could generate a positive word of mouth. In this situation, the customer would recommend the company’s products or services to their friends, family, and peers. In this modern world, it is not enough to just have competitively viable products, having competitively viable values in terms of treating customers must also be an asset that the company has in its repertoire.

With all that said, there are two ways in which companies can choose to interact with their customers when they are being contacted through their company page or by other means. The first option that they can choose to use is by setting up a chatbot to automatically answer any inquiries that the customers may have. The alternative to this is by hiring a customer service representative to answer all of the customer queries.

Now, you might be wondering what is the better option for your business. While it is true that both have their benefits, having an actual person on the other end of the chat will do your company good in the long run. 

Instant, consistent replies 24/7

Before going into what a virtual assistant in the Philippines can do for your company in terms of customer service, it is important to also touch upon the greatest strength of chatbots: they are able to reply instantly in the same way every single time. Chatbots are programmed to accommodate customers in a variety of ways. They can both give out and collect information from customers. 

Customers will often have some questions about the product and chatbots will be able to provide an interactive experience where the customer can request for just the specific information that they need. 

Another advantage that chatbots have over human virtual assistants is that the cost for setting-up a chat bot is one and done. Once the developers have programmed the script that you would like the chatbots to have, you no longer need to monitor it unless you need to make changes to the scripts. 

The human touch

Of course, while chatbots have consistent replies, it can never hold a candle to the experience of interacting with a proper, well-trained virtual assistant. Professional virtual assistants like the ones in our offshore team here at Alliance Global Solutions (AGS) are extremely competent and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with customer queries and behavior. They are able to interact and show the proper sympathies and empathy to whatever concern or comment a customer has. This is in stark contrast to how chatbots operate since, by their nature, the interactions will always be straightforward and robotic. Interactions with human virtual assistants that are there to hear the customer out will be infinitely more memorable. Good human interactions like these can be a key to getting more customers to stay loyal to your company.

Alliance Global Solutions has got you covered

With the help of Alliance Global Solutions, you can have an offshore team of customer service representatives in no time. You won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for and hiring a virtual assistant in your area because we have got that covered for you already. Our teams consist of specialists who have had time to hone their craft. 

Training will also come easy because, as long as you  provide us with instructions, we will be able to set-up our operations to suit your needs.We can help you boost your company’s image by making sure that your company will get a lot of positive engagements from the customers that choose to make contact with the company.

Overall, you would be much better off with choosing a team of professionally trained Filipino virtual assistants to handle your company’s correspondence with customers. There is an undeniable strength to human connection that will allow your business to prosper once people keep coming back for impeccable customer service provided by none other than our Filipino staff at AGS.