Charles New Life as a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Charles New Life as a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Many people dream of earning a good living online. Unfortunately, that dream often ends up in a reality where they’re not making money or spending more than they earn. Such a situation is not desirable, and to succeed on the Internet, one needs to invest effort, knowledge, and time. In other words, one needs to learn the right way of making money online. To make money on the Internet, people often use various methods depending on the niche. For example, an online seller wants to sell his goods online, a professional blogger wants to earn money from ads, and a freelancer, on the contrary, wants to earn money from the clients. This article presents a story about a Filipino Virtual Assistant who earns money online by helping his U.S. clients perform certain tasks and fix their issues.

One of our virtual assistants, Charles, has a life story that might inspire you—just like any of us, he had a different life before he decided to become a virtual assistant. He was struggling to make ends meet and help his family simultaneously. Here is how Charles learned about earning income and providing services as a virtual assistant.

He started looking for a new source of income

Like many other people would do if they were low on cash, Charles decided to try something else to make money. He started by checking out some websites where he could find work online and found online jobs listed on these sites. Then, he applied for several online jobs from the websites and was interviewed for a few.

However, as a result of the interviews, he wasn’t offered any work. He was disappointed but instead decided to look around and found a new possibility: to become a virtual assistant.

Researched about Virtual Assistant Market

Charles quickly realized that if he wanted to earn money by performing virtual assistant tasks, he must learn all he could about this service. So he invested time and energy into understanding virtual assisting and the industry. Charles started by reading every article he could find about virtual assistants. He wanted to know how virtual assistants and freelancers make money by doing different tasks and solving different issues for businesses.

Enrolled in Different webinars

After learning all that he could read, Charles decided to follow the same steps that his peers and seniors did to start a new virtual assistant career. He signed up for webinars and courses on virtual assisting and became more familiar with the business. He then received valuable information that he used to help himself in becoming an excellent virtual assistant. Charles then took the next step and joined forums and communities where he could meet and interact with others doing the same thing. He was looking for a comprehensive course that would give him everything he needed to know about being a virtual assistant and making money by doing everything described. After careful research, he found the perfect course and enrolled.

Applied to Companies

After completing his research, Charles began applying to different BPO companies. The one thing that Charles looks for in companies is whether or not the companies are willing to train their employees. He believes he can earn more by working for a company willing to train and teach him. Charles also looked for companies willing to show him how to earn money by doing different tasks. He believes training and support is the best way to succeed in the virtual assisting niche. 

He came across Alliance Global Solutions and became interested. After careful research and investigation, Charles decided to apply to be a virtual assistant at AGS. He saw the company’s values and saw that the company was very serious about its employees. AGS offers their employees, who are on their journey toward success, great support, which is one of the characteristics that Charles looks for in companies. He also checked out the company ratings and certificates and saw that the company is reliable and trustworthy. 

A life as a Filipino Virtual Assistant

As a Filipino Virtual Assistant at AGS, his tasks range from simple administrative tasks to client support. In addition, his tasks also include performing different online marketing tasks and online research tasks. He adjusted to his new life as a Filipino Virtual Assistant by gradually doing his tasks and learning everything he had to learn about being a virtual assistant and working for different clients. 

According to Charles, his first few months in the job were the beginning of a long-term commitment. He put his heart and soul into his new job. He worked hard and threw himself into his new career by investing all the skills and knowledge he had from his previous employment.

Charles’ determination and passion to learn virtual assisting have come a long way from where he started. Now he is a successful virtual assistant and one of the most respected people on AGS. He earns money by helping his clients with their emails and social media accounts and doing specific tasks. Charles is also assisting other virtual assistants who are just learning the industry. He has already earned a good reputation on AGS and has high ratings, which was something that he did not imagine about the future.

His clients are satisfied with the work. They often provide him with 5-star ratings. One of the clients said that Charles is the best virtual assistant she has had so far. She said that Charles is a trustworthy person who can perform different tasks and make her life easier. The client also said that Charles is a fast learner and a hard worker who is always willing to help. Charles has also received a 5-star rating from another client, who said that Charles had been a great support. He has fixed many issues and has done many tasks for him. Charles has also helped him with problems with social media accounts and emails.


As you have already read, Charles has earned a good reputation and high ratings on AGS. He is doing well in helping his clients with their needs and issues. As you may have noticed, earning money as a virtual assistant isn’t easy, but it is worth it. If you look down on the comments that Charles has received from his clients, there is no doubt that he positively impacted their lives. The fact that he made a positive impact on someone’s life is what makes him happy. Having the possibility to change someone’s life is a big responsibility, and if you want to be successful in the industry (and in other areas of your life), you must be ready to accept it.

Charles’ story is inspiring because it proves that there are no limits to what you can do with your life when you start thinking big and giving yourself goals that seem impossible. But once you start believing in yourself and learning to set goals, then anything can happen!

Alliance Global Solutions plays a big role in the success of Charles. AGS is very serious about the future of its employees and is willing to train them and provide them with the best training possible. We offer our employees a lot of support and are always happy to help them out if they are in trouble. AGS has a lot of employees, most of whom are new in the industry. That is why we understand the importance of training them and teaching them all there’s to know about virtual assisting. In the end, we are all aiming to reach the same goal: to succeed and make money by helping our clients.